Six months ago, I retrofitted a camper van in Grimsby, Ontario with plans to travel throughout Canada and the United States — both as a healing journey and a celebration of self-discovery and wonder.

I never got past Mississauga.

I thought that dream was as dead as my 25-year old transmission. as hopeless as my solar panels that will never feel the hot sun of the prairies. I was as empty as my brand new compost toilet. I wanted to wash that dream away with my tears — but dreams are a powerful thing. Dreams have a magical way of evolving and transforming into something even greater than our comprehension. as if there is a divine providence making certain that we get exactly what we need — even if it’s not exactly what we want.

Despite those fears, four months later I set sail on this great adventure — to drive across the country and back — knowing that I didn’t haven’t a plan, beyond a google map and a lonely planet book. Fifteen thousand kilometers, twenty-five states and provinces later, I have returned back to Ontario. safe, sound, and strong. King T’challa and I have all our internal organs — although both of us could use a day at the spa. We have seen more in 51 days than most people have seen in a lifetime. I have never laughed longer, danced freer, cried harder, and loved myself more — figuratively and literally. I have created floating pyres of old memories, people, and self-loathing — and sent them away on the mighty colorado river, the pacific ocean, and four of the five lakes. Those demonic thoughts that held my glory hostage no longer have a hold on me.

I have meditated in some of the holiest sites of the continent — and have felt the healing energy from the forests and the mountains and the meadows. I have felt the power of the wind and the rain and the snow. I have seen Mother Nature’s most incredible wonders — majestic, mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, and powerful waterfalls — often at the same time. I have howled at the moon and danced naked in front of the fire.

Since May, I have survived through the following obstacles:

Most importantly, I know that I have been guided by angels, many of you reading these words, as well as the ancestors watching over us. I literally could not be here without the guiding hand that has been watching over me every step of the way — and the positive affirmations and support I have received along the journey. I received warm meals and laundry from both strangers and friends and met with some amazing people, new friends and old, fallen in love and lust over and over, and ate like the most glorious glutton.

Because of all this, I return back to the world filled with gratitude, an open heart, and excitement about the promise of an extraordinary future. I am so grateful for all of the work I have done but even more thrilled about the work I have left to do.

I have been asked a few times now am I different after this journey. The truth is — I feel the same and drastically different. I feel a revolution happening inside me, an inferno as hot as an erupting volcano. so the man who has returned is different. I will move differently, talk differently, and I will act differently, and love differently.

After surviving this trip, with the comfort of the angels surrounding me, I am left with this one overwhelming feeling:






RALPH BRYANT is writer and content creator living in Canada. He is the author of Shackles Lost and the host of the podcast Black Fathers Matter.

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Ralph Bryant Writer

RALPH BRYANT is writer and content creator living in Canada. He is the author of Shackles Lost and the host of the podcast Black Fathers Matter.